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If you are looking to purchase a property in Spain, you should consider financing to optimize your real estate investment!

Today, it makes sense for everybody to mortgage when purchasing a property in Spain. There are many benefits, including tax deductions and maintaining liquidity, amongst others. Financing in Spain can be very different to financing in other countries, and the LIONSGATE CAPITAL team will be happy to explain the differences and the process to you in more detail, and how you can optimize your investment.

Why mortgage today? 


• Interest rates are still very competitive

• You can further diversify and maximize your investments


• You can take advantage of important tax benefits (Wealth Tax deduction) 

LIONSGATE CAPITAL is the leading mortgage brokerage firm in Spain and is based in the Balearics. Our team of multilingual mortgage experts understands that every client is different and will do everything possible to ensure you maximize your savings by always obtaining the best possible mortgage or financial solution for your particular transaction.



• We are one contact for all banks, both in Spain and in other jurisdictions

• Over 1000 satisfied clients with transactions between 1M€ and 30M€

• Interest only mortgages available for HNW and UHNW individuals

• Our specialist team offers over 50 years of joint banking experience

• We obtain exclusive and preferential rates and conditions for all our clients

• We simplify the process saving you time, effort, and money!

Contact us for a free initial consultation!

Lionsgate Capital is fully registered in the Bank of Spain´s register of real estate mortgage intermediaries with ID number D270. Lionsgate Capital is registered in data protection and all information is confidential. Our team offers independent and impartial advice.

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